…It Is Their Right, It Is Their Duty…

I felt Moscow Mitch’s perfidy more strongly than I would have imagined earlier this week. I had already arrived at a place of relative serenity about IMPOTUS: Whatever L’il Donny Moscow says is simply noise, and I no longer hear it. We had earned an interval of peace after four years of resistance, then overthrow. But instead, first we face the Orange Tornado’s intransigence — no surprise there, though this is more of the abuse-by-an-evil-stepfather we’ve come to expect. But when Mitch stepped in, something inside me snapped.

First there was rage. I also felt sadness and fear. Reason buried the fear — there is nothing these knaves can do to undo the people’s manifest will. But just by saying that the ‘Dent has the right to torture us to the maximum feasible extent, I perceived a new level of violation.

In these years of the ignorant caudillo, I had to acknowledge that our system, though gamed by the Soviets, Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, had delivered a result which we had to confront as a fact. It wasn’t fun, but it was a categorical imperative — there was no way around this consensual reality.

McConnell’s parroting of the idiocy, and suddenly threatening my hard-earned serenity and hope … this was something different. Here, a guy walked across the street to urinate on my porch. With a shotgun strapped on his back. And a Nazi helmet on. This was not OK.

As I waded through my fury, I sensed something more than reflexive rage. What was this? Then it hit me. THIS WAS AN ASSAULT ON MY SECURITY. I am, as a citizen of the United States, ENTITLED to, and in fact guaranteed, a measure of safety. You are not allowed to come beat on my car with a baseball bat, piss on my stoop or threaten me with a firearm. That isn’t OK. And I would say, stretching that ever so slightly, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO THREATEN THE SACRED CHOICE WE HAVE JUST MADE IN A NATIONAL ELECTION AND PRETEND YOU CAN OVERTURN THE CITIZENS’ SOVEREIGN VERDICT. No, you cannot.

That is a vicious and gratuitous — and UNFORGIVABLE — assault on my personal security. You cannot frighten me from the perch of the top of the Senate, and go about your business unforgiven. Stupid Pompeo, I suspect, was actually joking — we’ve have little in the way of humor for the past four years. But Mitch, that tool of so many corrupt influencers, colored outside the lines with his pretend rationality — “the president is within his rights to…” make us crazy some more.

No. He isn’t. And neither are you.

If the Repuglikkkans persist in their perverse assault on truth and security, we who value democracy and don’t answer to the Kremlin, and generally give a rat whether our national security apparatus is dismantled in the final days of a doomed administration, will first speak out. Then we will step out. And if we need to, we will take up arms in the words and spirit of Jefferson, who instructed us 240 years ago that it is the DUTY of citizens, besides being their RIGHT, to overthrow their oppressors.

Mitch, you better dig yourself. You apostle of a minority, though not of minorities. You racist bastard, hear this. We put a crappy candidate up against you — but we have other ways to get to you. And we will. Yes, we can. Your days as overlord of America are coming to a close. And soon it will be our turn to frighten you, to carve into your security, to make certain that you never have another safe and serene day in your despicable life.

Just sayin’.

Fuck you, Mitch.



Interactive video and immersive technology pioneer, activist and social justice warrior. Teacher, writer, producer and painter.

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Martin Perlmutter

Interactive video and immersive technology pioneer, activist and social justice warrior. Teacher, writer, producer and painter.