An anxious moment, to be sure.

Hey, before every game, every battle, there’s this — it could go the other way.

That’s something to contemplate. As your army approaches the valley of Meggido.

This is the only passage. It’s the route that connects Africa, Europe and Asia. We must go through here. It’s not even a matter of trying to be the master here — but if we are not master here… as was Cyrus, the Hyksos, the Egyptians, Greeks and Macedonians, the Romans, later the Turks, the Brits, now Israel… This is the way, and we must force it

So what will be? Is this the end of democracy, of Earth? Of the human experiment?

I will tell you this — I have a rainbow of projects, innovations, strategies to implement — in tech, education, nuclear weapons — and nothing, nothing will proceed if you-know-who takes this, by hook or crook. The end. Lights out. End of innovation. End of planet. And then the nukes…the nukes….They will come, oh yes they will. Listen to me. I know.

I’m no QAnon asshole. I was trained at Harvard. My specialty was nuclear weapons, the politics, technology and psychology of their use. We’ve been stone lucky for 58 years (since the Cuban Missile Crisis) but our luck is ‘bout to run out. Quietly, insistently, the Saudis, Egyptians, UAE, Iranians and many others have gathered what they need in the way of knowledge and staff to proceed at lightning speed, if need be, to acquire nuclear weapons. That’s thermonuclear to you.

Hiroshima was a nuke. Einiwetok was an H-bomb. And there are other things brewing. Enhanced radiation weapons and much else. You don’t want to know — and may never. Though these are the very swords that will likely end your time on Earth, and our children’s, grandkids. You name it. Finit-o.

I studied the specific matter of “recovery” from a nuclear war. There isn’t one. That shit you’ve seen in scifi flicks doesn’t begin to cover it. Nor does “The Road.” It’s not bleak. That’s a sunny day compared to what.

So given that Everything is on the line, we’re 3 ½ days from the end of this decision interval. Will over 80 million racist morons show up and save the day for the Donald? For carbon? For Earth rape? For authoritarianism? For the end, literally, of the United States?…

Stay tuned. Now this word from Fidelity.

We’re in this mess for a reason: capitalism. And its attendant maladies. Like inequality, racism, misogyny, blind misuse of…everything, everyone.

Biden is light years from the Answer. But with him comes hope, innovation, policy shifts, and righteous debate. And in the absence of that — with 4 more years of…This…we are done. Experiment: failure. Shut it down.

In the face of that annihilation what comes up for me is Faith. I believe. I believe in my fellow humans. The ones who don’t prize guns over truth. The ones who weep when they see images of the corner where George Floyd was slain, of kids in cages. The ones who think what just went down over the Supreme Court is a turd that cannot, will not, be flushed.

I actually think we, the better-hearted, less-nihilistic folk are going to win this time. We’re going to get a chance to hope and imagine again. Maybe to make some moves to actually perfect our Union — including fixing our fucked election system. And our unequal economic system. And our — everything.

To think we will surrender to darkness IS to surrender. I will not.

I have my half-baked plan for taking my blue passport and leaving. Going to a couple of places, then onward — seeking as my forebears did a century ago when they came here. Maybe that’s my kismet.

But I don’t think that’s our destiny.

That destiny, friend, is in your hand.

Have you voted?

Has everyone you know?

And what will you do November 4th, and after?





Interactive video and immersive technology pioneer, activist and social justice warrior. Teacher, writer, producer and painter.

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Martin Perlmutter

Interactive video and immersive technology pioneer, activist and social justice warrior. Teacher, writer, producer and painter.